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Sunday, November 22, 2009

UK Police Arrest Two In Virus Case

In the United Kingdom, a couple from Manchester had been secretly developing and spreading some of the most intense computer viruses in the history of PC viral contaminates. On Wednesday, they were both arrested with assistance from both local police departments and the investigation led by Scotland Yard.

Scotland Yard has one of the world's most advanced electronic crimes units, and it's team has found the two suspected criminals who've creat the two malicious trojans known as "Zbot" and "ZeuS". The officials have suggested that tens of thousands of computers worldwide have been infected by these duo of explicit developers.

A technology consultant for the British security firm Sophos PLC, Graham Cluley, had been quoted as describing the infections as the "most notorious pieces of malware of recent times". Mr. Cluley had said that the Zbot family of viruses have been around since 2007. He suggested that nine times out of ten, they are intended (as are most trojans) to harvest data, such as bank information, credit card details, and other passwords such as social networking and blog sites, which can later be sold to spam groups for access to these sites.

Scotland Yard officially stated to the Associated Press that due to the massive amount of data stolen, "the potential financial gains to the culprits and losses to individuals and institutions are very substantial". Although it's completely impossible for anyone to know just how much of a "financial gain" could have been made from these viruses, it's also assumed that due to the rapid spread, the attacks and losses due to them are still continuing.

Although they've not yet announced what role the two individuals played in the spread or creation of the trojans, Scotland Yard says the two have been released on bail, and that even though some of the investigation is complete, it's possible that future charges would be made and that could be why they've not yet elaborated to the press as to the details. In Britain, however, it's very rare that the suspects names and details are even released until after formal arraignment of charges has been made.

I'm sure within recent weeks we will hear more of the escalation of these charges. When we do we'll surely keep you the people posted, but as of now, anyone fearing of these particular attacks can rest assured that law enforcement has a firm grip on the roots of the trojans, and following all leads into putting an end to this digital tyranny.

Maybe instead of charging these individuals, the special operations and technological tactical warfare units of some nations could hire them, and use their skills to their own benefits. Such events are not surprising and actually happen quite often.

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India to have mobile number portability from Dec 31

India will introduce mobile number portability on Dec 31, a move that could further intensify the stiff competition in the world's fastest-growing wireless market and push call charges lower.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which allows users to retain their number even if they switch operators, will be introduced in two phases, the telecoms regulator said, first in the metro cities and the so-called Category A telecom zones and in other areas by March 20.

MNP helps in "increasing competition between the service providers and acts as a catalyst for the service providers to improve their quality of service," the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said on its website.

The regulator also notified certain charges associated with MNP and said switching charges for users must not exceed 19 rupees (U.S. 40 cents).

For the TRAI order, see

Four new firms including ventures of international telecom operators Telenor, Etisalat and Batelco are set to start services in India this year and MNP would make it easy for them to lure existing subscribers.

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Best quotes from this week

From Thackeray's comments on Sachin Tendulkar to Theirry Henry's controversial confession.

Bal Thackeray spits venom against Sachin Tendulkar
"There was no need to take a cheeky single by making these remarks. By making these remarks, you have got run-out from the "pitch" of Marathi psyche."

Tendulkar on completing 20 years in international cricket
"I am no god, I just love playing for India"

Chris Gayle on West Indian chances of winning against Australia
"Australia and every team is beatable, don't be surprised if it happens"

Andy Flower hits back at SA's attack on England's tactics
"Proteas too big for their boots"

Eng captain Tony Lewis reveals the obvious-Test cricket's loss is T20's gain
"It's not as if the game is falling apart, but it has been scooped by Twenty20"

Andy Murray looks to optimize the home advantage
"I'm really looking forward to giving it one last push before the end of the year. It's good to be in London and it is a good sign for tennis in Britain"

Thierry Henry defends his hand-of-god act against Ireland
"I will be honest, it was a handball. But I'm not the ref. I played it. The ref allowed it. That's a question you should ask him."


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Weekly IT Events

New IT Events are coming:

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Training Course in Brighton, UK
Started: 19-November-2009
Silicon Beach Training
Brighton, UK

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course offers delegates an understanding of Lean Six Sigma tools and processes.

Delegates who will manage Six Sigma projects and require a broad knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools should assist our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course.

Excel/VBA for FInancial Applications
Started: 01-February-2010
New York City, New York, U.S.A

Your employees could learn Excel™/VBA anywhere; in fact, a simple search on the Internet will offer a variety of courses covering a number of learning objectives. Some of them look really good. All of them teach VBA at some level.

GREEN AWARDS™: for Creativity in Sustainbility - event in London, UK
Started: 18-November-2009
The Pyramid
31 Queen Elizabeth Street
London SE1 2LP, UK

Now in its 4th year of the GREEN AWARDS™ is set in the world eco calendar as leading industry awards for sustainability in the marketing and communications. The GREEN AWARDS™ recognizes excellence in 16 categories in 2009, Best Green International Campaign open to participants worldwide Best Green Campaigner for individuals and small groups of defense of sustainability. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in London on 18 November with guest speaker Jonathon Porritt CBE.

Free: Finding Jobs at $80,000 to $500,000+

Under the Radar: Tracking Early Stage Innovation - Mountain View, CA, USA
Started: 19-November-2009
Microsoft, Conference Center, Building 1
1065 La Avenida Street
Mountain View, CA, United States

Under The Radar is a must-attend event for DealMakers of global companies, brands, media companies and handset makers responsible for helping their companies to leverage mobile technology and innovation in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

PR Camp™ - New York City, USA
Started: 20-November-2009
92 Y Tribeca - 200 Hudson Street in Tribeca
New York, 10013, USA

PR Camp New York is a full day of highly interactive discussions on the strategy behind the media - complete with marshmallows and a virtual bonfire. It will explore key issues facing our industry, helping public relations professionals and marketing to identify challenges and seize new opportunities. The goal is to return to their offices with solutions and new ways of thinking.

Mobile 2.0 Content & Services - Conference in Berlin, Germany

Started: 23-November-2009
Kempinski Bristol Hotel,
Berlin, Germany
2.0 Mobile Content and Services 2009 allows the opportunity to network, learn and share information with colleagues.

The event provides a dynamic network of information and exchange business environment, bringing together key stakeholders in the mobile Web 2.0 value chain to study current trends and opportunities for income generation, business models for success and future opportunities that exist at:

International investor & start-up forum ELBA - Moscow, Russia
Started: 27-November-2009
“Bor” Holiday Hotel
Moscow, Russia

In the most popular near Moscow “Bor” holiday hotel of the RF Presidential Property Management Department you may occasionally run into and talk with someone from the guru Runet at the International Forum of Internet projects and investors, and you also may be lucky to personally receive the award from Alexander Plyuschev himself.

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Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) - Behind the Curtain

With Internet Explorer 9 early in the making, Microsoft revealed at the Professional Developers Conference 2009 in Los Angeles that it had identified a total of three pillars for IE’s evolution: standards and interoperability, hardware acceleration, and JavaScript performance.

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Google Chrome(

Get a fast, free web browser

Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with lightning speed.

It's free and installs in seconds

For Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Download Link-

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Oprah's Long Goodbye Begins With Tears

With her eyes welling with tears, Oprah Winfrey looked directly at her viewers on Friday to explain why she will be ending her show in 2011 after a quarter-century on the air. It was prayer and careful thought that helped her decide, she said. "I love this show. This show has been my life. And I know when it's time to say goodbye."

"Twenty-five years feels right in my bones and feels right in my spirit."

Winfrey offered no specifics about her plans for the future, except to say that she intended to produce the best possible shows during her last 18 months on the air.

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Hello all
welcome all new users to one blog where you guys can find out music for all kind of ears

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