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Monday, December 28, 2009

A chilli pill that cuts as many calories as 80 minutes walk

A chilli pill that cuts as many calories as 80 minutes walk

LONDON: Scientists claimed to have developed a slimming pill that can burn off as many calories as 80 minutes of walk or a 25-minute jog, while you sit

The pill -- Capsiplex -- which is made from hot peppers and capsicum, utilises the weight-loss potential of red-hot peppers.

Chilli and capsicum help speed up the metabolism, thus, helping people lose weight more rapidly. However, consuming these chillies or their extract in large quantities causes irritation as these are unbearably hot.

The scientists overcame this problem while developing the capsule. The pill eats up the calories without causing any irritation, the Daily Mail reported.

"For decades, scientists have known about the weight-loss potential of red-hot peppers. The problem has been the ability to consume such a highly concentrated amount, but we have overcome this by putting a protective coating on the ingredients which stops any gastric irritation," a spokesman for Capsiplex said.

"At last we have a safe and healthy supplement to help weight loss," the spokesman added.

Trials of the pill conducted at University of Oklahoma in US showed adults taking Capsiplex burned off 278 more calories before, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos.

The pill is already in use in the US. Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears are known to have used the pill. 

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India's First Android Device Soon


India's First Android Device Soon

Hyderabad based Notion Inc, a startup formed by six IITans and an MBA graduate, might just be the company that would make the country's first Android device.

The tablet PC from the company will feature Nvida's Tegra processor and will run Android as mentioned earlier. The yet unnamed device will feature a writable 10.1-inch touchscreen and will weigh in at just 770grams. It will be feature packed with technologies like Blue tooth, a 3 megapixel camera, video recording, USB charging and a data storage capacity of 32GB all crammed in. Then, there is the much sought after Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

It's Lithium Ion batteries would be able to power the device for almost 48 hours, claims the company. The Notion tablet PC is expected to cost less than $400 (Rs. 18,640 approx.), and could be in your hands by June 2010, if all goes as planned. 

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Naruto Manga 477

Naruto Manga 477

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6 Simple Stress-Melting, Muscle-Relaxing Moves

6 Simple Stress-Melting, Muscle-Relaxing Moves

Got a pain in the...back? You're in good company. Forty-five percent of women report aches in their upper or lower back, a poll shows (other achy areas include the neck and knees). For me, it's usually a sign that I need to de-stress, pronto. But while the pain is treatable, the stress can be hard to shake. 

You don't need to pony up for a pro massage to undo your knots (though that certainly is wonderful!). Take matters into your own hands by doing these moves daily. They were created by Jill Miller, a yoga instructor in Los Angeles and creator of Yoga Tune Up, a program that uses balls to relieve muscle tension. To do them, use a pair of Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls ($10 per pair, or a pair of tennis balls or racquetballs.

Lower-back loosener
Lie faceup, knees bent, feet flat. Place balls under lower back, one on either side of spine. Lift upper body off floor, propping yourself on forearms. Keeping lower back on balls, raise hips and butt off floor. Roll lower back up and down over balls for up to two minutes.

Upper-back relaxer

Stand against wall. Place a ball on either side of spine, above bra strap. Walk feet out about 12 inches, hip-width apart, knees soft, arms down, back pressing onto balls. Squat, rolling back down over balls and raising arms overhead. Return to standing, rolling back up over balls and lowering arms. Repeat for up to two minutes.

Neck nurturer

Sit on edge of chair, feet flat, ball in right hand, head turned to right. Press ball on left side of neck wherever you feel tension. Holding ball in place, slowly turn head to left. Return to start. Reposition ball on another sore spot on the left and turn to left again. Return to start. Continue for up to two minutes. Switch sides; repeat.

Knee fixer
Lie on right side, legs extended, with right forearm supporting upper body. Place ball under right outer thigh, then bend left knee and position left foot in front of right thigh; put left hand in front of body for support. Slowly shift body so ball moves up to hip and down to knee, then back, for up to two minutes. Switch sides; repeat.

Wrist rescuer

Place balls inside their mesh bag and tie it. (If using tennis balls or racquetballs, substitute a sock.) Kneel; place right forearm, palm up, on balls. Roll forearm over balls, from wrist to elbow and back, for up to two minutes. Turn palm down; repeat. Switch arms; repeat.

Sole saver

Stand, holding back of chair for support with right hand, left hand on hip. Place ball under center of right foot, pressing body weight on ball. Roll ball under arch, up and down the length of sole and from side to side, for up to two minutes. Switch feet; repeat.

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10 tech triumphs

Hi-tech gadgets reached the masses as the communications revolution kicked off.Aspace programme took India to where it had never been before with an impactor carrying the tricolour landing on the moon. In medicine,new frontiers were breached with every passing year. 

Maruti to Tata Nano
In 1983, the Maruti 800 revolutionised the way India travelled. Two years later, it was the largestselling car in India, recalled India Today in 2003.
Almost 25 years later, when Tata drove the Nano on to the stage, it was clear that Indian innovation had shifted to a higher orbit, 
Clearly, good things continue to come in small packages.

The modernisation of telephone systems got underway in 1986 when Mahanagar Telephone Nigam was established to operate systems in Bombay and Delhi.
There's good news for subscribers: the waiting list of 3.7 lakh in the two cities could disappear by 1990, noted India Today in 1986.
The current situation is best described by this 2006 report: Telecommunication has gone from a total of five million telephone lines in 1991 to five million telephones every month.

Nuclear Energy
India's first atomic explosion, at Pokharan,Rajasthan,on May 18, 1974, may be the last. It raised so much political dust that it has taken three years and a change of government in Delhi to bring it down to earth .
This was the mood of the nation in 1974, captured by India Today. In May 1998, India conducted five nuclear tests at the Pokhran test range demonstrating its tremendous capability in nuclear technology and science.
Spelling more development, 10 years later, the Nuclear Suppliers Group lifted a ban which denied India from accessing the global nuclear market for 34 years.

Biotechnology can be used to increase productivity with cash crops and a whole range of vegetables. Experts believe this tissue culturebased business has enormous potential. That was India Today's take on biotechnology in September 1991. It got better, as an August 2006 report counted that 2,378 biotechnology patent applications were filed in India between 1995 and 2003 .

IT sector
India churns out two million English-speaking graduates each year, employable at wages 80 per cent less than their Western counterparts. No wonder, said India Today in 2002, that it is the new global IT capital with over 336 call centres springing up in the past five years, providing jobs to over 1.5 million people.

Medical Transcription
Would you have thought that a satellite and some enterprising Indians could change the meaning of a visit to the doctor? This is what medical transcription enabled. Doctors in the US just pick up the phone and everything they say is picked up by companies here, who transcribe the data, explained India Today in August 1997, when the technology was launched.This made studying medical reports and prescribing medication much easier.

DNA fingerprinting
In 1989, science presented mankind with another gift.
It enabled parents to know if their child was truly theirs and also became a foolproof way of solving murders. Nature's photocopying machine, DNA, kept its secrets well for centuries. Scientists are now beginning to crack its blueprint, said an India Today report in March 1996 about DNA fingerprinting. The Naina Sahni murder in 1995 set the ball rolling for the technology.
Now, apart from forensics, it is involved in the ambitious study of genetic diversity among Indian tribals along with the Anthropological Survey of India. Similarly, the DNA typing of animals is underway in order to conserve endangered species, said a report in August 2008.

Video-conferencing became popular in 2000. In 200, India Today quoted Saurabh Gupta, state informatics officer, Bihar: There are many good teachers but students of other universities can't gain from their knowledge. So, we use this facility.

WiMax Wireless
It allows cellphone users to download data at 2.5-3 MBPS while the current data download capacity is only 134-256 KBPS, noted India Today in 2005 when this technology was about to enter the Indian markets.
Also known as the last-mile connection, the broadband technology extended the benefits of connectivity to rural areas and long distances.

Nanotechnology was 2001's top scientific achievement, said India Today in its January 2002 issue. A nanometre a billionth of a metre was the smallest, yet the biggest breakthrough the year could have gotten. The tiny miracles were no longer a matter of science fantasy.

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Balle Balle to weight loss

Balle Balle to weight loss

Treadmill vs. Masala Bhangra Workout®

Indian for the past 10 years sees a marked difference in people's attitudes towards fitness.

"People want to look good and Bollywood is a great influence. I also feel that group exercise classes work very well."

More important for women to workout because they lose bone density and lifting weights should be an essential part of their workout regime.

"It's been a decade and people are still not bored, so I don't think it ever gets monotonous"

Vouch for the fact that it is a more fun way of losing weight than the treadmill!

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