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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Download Google Chrome OS Beta Released Publicly

The Google OS promises that the Beta will be a ground for improvement on the final retail release. They intend to bring a fresh face to the world of operating systems, and if anyone can do it, Google can.

Although for years there has been multiple open source operating systems based upon the Unix/Linux code, this new found OS intends to bring you a chance to try something new, with ease, and innovation.

Google has yet to fail at impressing it's fans with it's products, such as the Chrome browser, which is blazing fast, open source, and creative. Gmail still stands as one of the most efficient web based email clients available. The Android mobile operating systems has began a new frontier in mobile operating systems, and intends to directly challenge the like's of Blackberry's RIM OS.

So what more can Google do, but step up to the plate as a challenger to Microsoft? Well there is a lot it will need to do to every actually be a threat to the Windows operating system. For years variants of Linux have been free, but little opposition to Window's ease-of-access platform. Also in the modern age, the majority of software and applications are developed for Window's based PC's, and running variants on virtual machines or emulators for Unix-coded operating systems can prove challenging for many.

For the Beta, ComputerWorld wrote: "To run the Chrome OS build, users must launch a virtual machine client, such as VMware's Workstation, or for the Mac, Fusion, then install Chrome in a new virtual machine. VMware offers free 30-day trials of both Workstation 7 and Fusion 3 on its site. The free VirtualBox, a Sun-hosted open-source virtual machine, does the trick as well, users said on the file-sharing sites." So in fact, they intended it to be distributed to the masses, and see how it's received amongst the community.

There are no "official" directions as to how to run the OS in a virtual machine, although many users already will know how. If you are one whom does not understand the workings of a virtual machine, VirtualBox is a free program which works wonders for such a task.

If anyone is interested in giving it a run for it's money, you can download the torrent directly here from ET, from my account. Try it out, if you feel the urge, and let Google know any suggestions or bugs you may find. They need your input, and hopefully, they'll be successful in this venture, so the monopoly of operating systems is no more.

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To download the Google Chrome OS Beta Image, Simply go to this link:
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