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Monday, November 23, 2009

Download Opera 10.10 Final with Opera Unite

Today, November 23rd, Opera Software is making a decisive first step toward delivering on a promise from earlier this year which involved reinventing the web. Users are now able to download the latest iteration of the Opera browser, and take advantage of the evolution from version 10.0. The start of this week is synonymous with the general availability of Opera 10.10 designed to include the Opera Unite platform.

What make version 10.10 stand out from the crowd of browsers is the fact that the application bundles not only the Opera browser, but also server capabilities via Opera Unite. In this sense, users will be able to use nothing more than Opera 10.10 with Opera Unite in order to stream music and media content, but also share files, photos, documents, all right from the browser.

"We promised Opera Unite would reinvent the Web," noted Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. "What we are really doing is reinventing how we as consumers interact with the Web. By giving our devices the ability to serve content, we become equal citizens on the Web. In an age where we have ceded control of our personal data to third-parties, Opera Unite gives us the freedom to choose how we will share the data that belongs to us."

According to the Norway-based browser maker, the purpose of Opera 10.10 with Opera Unite is to cut out the middle man when it comes down to sharing content via the Internet. Users no longer need, at least in theory, third-party instant messaging, social networking websites, photo sharing websites, etc. because version 10.10 offers similar functionality right at browser-level.

Users that will download and start enjoying Opera 10.10 with Opera Unite will notice that there are a range of default applications that ship with the bits. It is via the Opera Unite components that customers will be able to share multi-GB of photos from the get go, stream music to not just other computers, but also mobile phones and game consoles.

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Opera Web Browser 10.10 Build 1893 Final with Opera Unite is available for download

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