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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Personal Trainer

What's your excuse for being a couch potato? Perhaps, you went to a gym and never lost weight or you have no idea where, what, how and when to begin.

Whatever your reason, your ticket to becoming fit, and staying that way, is a personal trainer. They aren't a luxury that only movie stars and sportspersons can afford anymore.

Working ways
A personal trainer's job is to motivate and train you to achieve your goal, whether it's losing weight or building your muscles or strengthening a weak and injured part of your body.
Even if you're motivated, a personal trainer will help you accomplish your goals faster and more efficiently.
Signing up
Jeetendra Tiwari, a Mumbai-based personal trainer, tells us most people don't know how to use equipment or where to start in a gym. A personal trainer can plan your workout. You can injure yourself without proper knowledge of training equipment. "Once you hire a trainer, you're forced to come to the gym," says trainer Nandan Vijay Thansekar from Mumbai.
A trainer can also help you with your diet.
Training wonders
Everyone can do with a personal trainer. Even when you have knowledge about fitness, a personal trainer can make you push yourself harder and stick to your target. "If you have an injury or a health problem like high blood pressure, it's imperative that you hire a personal trainer," adds Tiwari.
Choose well
Make sure your trainer is certified and has enough time for you. "Ask for your trainer's certificate. He shouldn't be training more than 6-7 people at a time," says Thansekar.
A trainer can cost you between Rs 3,000- 15,000 per month.
Also, confirm that your trainer has studied nutrition and diet.
Personal choices also matter. If you don't like training with a certain person, you'll give up working out. Wait for 3-4 months to see results.
With the growing number of gym-related injuries, it's a smart move to get a personal trainer. If nothing else, get one for a few months and then continue following his workout routine by yourself.

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